• Match fees MUST be paid in FULL before your Kick Off to be able to play.
  • These can be paid either ONLINE by Bank Transfer or in CASH directly to the Match Night organiser/referee.
  • Teams that fall more than £10 in arrears WILL be informed to make a minimum payment before their next game. Should this payment not be made then the team will be started 5-0 down for that fixture.
  • SoccerPitch maintain the right to withhold results should teams fall further into arrears and, where necessary, award victories in favour of the opposition for non-payment of fees.


  • Cash payments MUST be made as one single payment by a sole individual prior to your fixture.
  • Please pay in notes where possible. Split payments will not be accepted.
  • Over payments will be credited to your account towards future match fees.


  • Bank Transfer payments MUST be made as one single payment by a sole individual before 530PM on match days.
  • Please DO NOT make weekly payments by split transactions. A £1 administration fee will be made to any Bank Transfer transaction of less than £20.
  • Please ensure your Team Name and Venue are clearly labelled in the reference section. This will help allocate online payments quickly.
  • To request Bank Transfer Account Details please contact us by text or WhatsApp on 07787714186.


  • If a team cancels a match with MORE than 48 hours notice, they will be charged the team’s FULL match fee and will lose their game.
  • If a team cancels a match with LESS than 48 hours notice, they will be charged both theirs and their opponents match fees and they will lose their game.
  • Team Managers accept overall responsibility for the team’s payments of fees and become solely liable should arrears not be settled by the conclusion of a 10 week campaign.
  • Teams commit to a full 10 week campaign at a time. Any team who withdraws from a league before the end of the campaign are liable for both theirs and opponents fees for the remainder of the campaign in line with SoccerPitch Terms and Conditions.