Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is responsible for the team?
A: The person who first contacts us is the team manager for their team unless we are told otherwise. An assistant manager is also required.
Q: What are the responsibilities of a team manager?
A: Picking a team, payment of all monies, fulfilling fixtures, correct registration of players and general management duties.
Q: Once registered, are there any hidden costs?
A: No. Once all registration forms and initial monies have been received there is only the weekly fee to pay.
Q: Does my league run all year round?
A: Yes. Each league runs for approximately forty five weeks of each year. There is sometimes a one week break but at times there are no gaps between seasons. Team managers will be notified at the end of each season.
Q: What happens if I can’t raise a team for a game?
A: We appreciate that on some occasions it is hard to raise a team for various reasons. All that we ask is that you Contact Us as soon as you know so we can let the opposing team know. Please note you will be charged the full match fee if you can’t fulfill your fixture.
Q: Can I register new players at any time?
A: Yes, please view information on Registering Players.
Q: Are there any limit on the number of substitutes allowed?
A: There is no limit on the number of substitutes allowed as we operate a roll-on, roll-off system.
Q: Are there any cup competitions?
A: We run cup competitions every two to three months, look out for more details.
Q: Are matches called off due to bad weather?
A: On rare occasions, games are called off but our outdoor leagues are played on all – weather pitches so most matches can go ahead in most conditions.
Q: Can I follow Soccerpitch through a social networking site to keep up to date with league news?
A: Yes – you can find links to our social media sites on every page of the website.