All teams that sign up for a Soccerpitch League are entering into a contract with Soccerpitch.
If a team pulls out before the end of a season they are liable for all of theirs and their opponents fees for all of the remaining games of the season. There are no exceptions to this rule and legal action will be taken to recover the outstanding fees. If a replacement can be found by either yourself or Soccerpitch, the liability will be waived.
If teams are having issues with raising a team, please always contact Soccerpitch as we can often help with players and are here to assist you.
If a team cancels a match with MORE than 48 hours notice, they will be charged the full match fee and will lose their game.
If a team cancels a match with LESS than 48 hours notice, they will be charged theirs and the opponents match fees and they will lose their game.
Each season runs for a duration of between seven – fourteen weeks. The majority of leagues run for ten weeks. Upon submitting your team registration, you are obliged to complete a minimum of one season. Should this not be adhered to this will be a direct breach of our terms and conditions.
Any team wishing to leave a league should provide at least two weeks notice before the end of the season. If you do not provide this notice then we shall assume you will be playing in the new campaign.
If a team does not show for their game, Soccerpitch will arrange a friendly to fulfil the fixture. Match fees are reduced by £5. In all friendly matches, the team who cancelled will lose the match by however many goals their opposition scores in the friendly. For example, a friendly game finishes 8-8 between the original opponents and a fill in team, the original opponents win 8-0. The maximum a team will ever be allowed to win by in any friendly is 10-0 and the first ten scoring players will be credited with their goals. If the attending team fails to score in a friendly they will still win the match 5-0.
Soccerpitch also reserve the right to pair two teams, whose fixtures have been cancelled due to non show of the opposition, in a friendly match. Match fees are reduced by £5.