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All results are published in local newspapers. Look out for them every week.

Winners photos are published at the end of each season.




All teams will play each other once = SEVEN games in a season

 At the end of the seven games the division will be split in to two new divisions, with the points totals carried over.

The top division will consist of teams 1 - 4 and the bottom division will consist of teams 5 - 8.


 Teams 1 - 4 will then play each other once = 3 games.

Teams 5 - 8 will then play each other once = 3 games.

 At the end of the two campaigns, all teams will have played TEN GAMES


 The WINNERS and RUNNERS-UP of the top half division are then the Champions and Runners-up




Week 9 of 10


Top Goalscorer - J Barrett - 31

Wow, Succulent nearly throw a massive spanner in the works as they nearly hold the unbeaten Bisterne to a draw. They go down 12-11 in a truly epic encounter. How I Met record a routine 5-0 defeat of Exeter. The top two met next week in the final game of the campaign. How I Met just need to win by 26 goals to win! Miracles can happen can't they?

In the bottom half, My Little remain three clear of the rest as they beat a determined Awamanee side 11-9. They move three clear of Gerry who leapfrog Crouch with a commanding 15-5 victory.