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Soccerpitch are pleased to announce all details have been released for the exciting new FIVE-a-side League in CANFORD MAGNA at the Hamworthy Sports Club.

We are delighted to be able to provide a hotly anticipated new League on the fantastic newly refurbished 3G pitch. 

We have six teams ready to start for the big kick off on Monday 3rd April.

LEAGUE VENUE - Hamworthy Sports Club, Canford Magna, BH21 3AP

KICK OFF TIMES - 8pm, 840pm, 920pm

MATCH DURATION – 36 minutes: 2 x 18 minute halves with a 30 second half time interval.

FEES - £27 a week paid prior to the game. Fees must be paid in full for the referee to start the game.

FOOTWEAR - Moulded football boots are allowed, as are blades. Astro truf trainers are also permitted. All other footwear is not allowed to be worn.


Seasons are ten weeks long, each team will play each other twice. A new season will start the week after of the conclusion of the current campaign.

The league runs all year round with no breaks between seasons. The league does not operate on Bank Holiday weekends and for two weeks at Christmas.


  • After a goal has been scored, the match restarts from the centre mark.

  • Match duration is 2 x 18 minute halves = 36 minute game.

  • There are no boundaries to the pitch. Players can use the fence and roof to play the ball off and to score goals.

  • The ball is allowed over head height.

  • The area around each goal (penalty area) is out of bounds for all team players apart from the goalkeeper. Any players entering this area will be penalised. The attacking team will be penalised by an indirect free kick going to the defending team (GK can take the FK in the area). The defending team will be penalised by a penalty being awarded to the attacking team. If the referee deems a player to do the above on accident, he can choose not to penalise the player.

  • The penalty area is the only area the goalkeeper can use his hands. The goalkeeper can not go out of the area. If they do so a penalty will be awarded to the attacking team. This infringement could also lead to a SIN BIN if the referee believes infringement was on purpose and if infringement happens on numerous occasions.


  • Once a free kick has been given, the defending team must be at least three yards away from where the free kick is to be taken.

  • Slide tackles are not allowed. If this offence occurs, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team.

  • Back passes (GK using hands) to the goalkeeper are forbidden. If this rule is broken, a penalty will be awarded.

  • Back passes - Once the GK has passed the ball out (either by feet or hands) to a teammate, the ball must touch at least two teammates, or an opposing player, before being returned to the GK. If this rule is broken, the opposition will be awarded a penalty.


  • Rolling substitutions are permitted. Subs must stand outside the playing area and can only come on when there is a break in play.

  • There is no limit on the number of substitutes to be used.


Team Withdrawals


By playing in a Soccerpitch League, teams are entering into a contract with Soccerpitch.

If a team pulls out part way through a season they will not receive their deposit back (if applicable). They will also be liable for all of theirs and their opponents fees for the remaining games of the season. There are no exceptions to this rule and legal action will be taken to recover the outstanding fees.

If teams are having troubles, please always contact Soccerpitch as we can often help with players.


Non - show of teams

  1. Soccerpitch will try to assist teams in cases of extreme difficulty when at least 3 days notice is given of problems in making a match commitment.
  2. If a team cancel their match they will lose 5-0 and be charged the following:
  • Less than 24 hours notice of kick off – full match fee plus half the match fee of the opposing team will be charged.
  • More than 24 hours notice of kick off – full match fee will be charged.


If a team does not notify Soccerpitch by 5pm on the day of their game or does not turn up at the venue on the night and makes no contact at all, Soccerpitch can and will try to arrange a friendly to fulfil the fixture. Soccerpitch also reserve the right to pair two teams, whose fixtures have been cancelled due to non show of the opposition, in a friendly match. Please note Soccerpitch can replace any non-showing team with a replacement team at any time. £5 is knocked off a team's match fees for a friendly game.

- In all friendly matches, the team who cancelled will lose the match by however many goals their opposition scores in the friendly. Eg, a friendly game finishes 10-10 between the original opponents and a fill in team, the original opponents win 10-0. N.B.The maximum a team will ever be allowed to win by in any friendly is 10-0 and the first 10 scoring players will be credited with their goals. If the attending team fails to score in a friendly they will still win the match 5-0 This is all done to ensure those teams in the league are not overly affected by any teams non appearance.

Week 3 of 10

Top Goalscorer - L Middlewick - 12 

Santos sit at the top of the table with phenomenal goal difference. They stormed past Sandbaggers 21-4 and they are showing title potential already after three games.

Flare Nuts recorded the biggest win of the night as they brushed SmackMyBilicUp aside with a 21-1 win. L Langlois ran the show as he netted eight of his side's goals.

T and K Electricals recorded their first win of the season as they beat Corfe Hills Shredderz 14-7. They'll look for more wins like that now.