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*NO backpasses*

When the ball is passed back to a GK by a team mate - the GK must not touch the ball with his hands otherwise the GK will be penalised. So the back pass rule is the same as 11-a-side.  


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(kick off times 8, 840 and 920pm)




Week 8 of 10


Top Goalscorer - M Legowski - 17

FC Crazy Legs are now just two points away from securing the league title after they strolled past R2J2 12-5. They have been fantastic all season and do not look like slipping up now.

Ayew Ready For This are only just in the title race now despite comfortably beating AC Me Rollin 8-2.

Xavi Dodgers v Wild Eagles result to follow.  


Top Goalscorer - D Forshaw - 20

Yeovil Over 40s are on the brink of the title now as beat How About Zlat 3-1. They have been fantastic like the last time they were in the Yeovil League.

Martock 6 are close to promotion now after they stormed past Tell Me You Love Me 11-4. Tell Me You Love Me look to have missed out on promotion now.

Baines On Toast have boosted their hopes of survival but they must win and hope results go their way, otherwise they will be relegated to League One.    

League One

Top Goalscorer - B Vinnel, A Spicer - 14

FormerGlovers are still flying high as they need just one more win to secure the title. They beat Pjanic At The Isco 4-2.

Hakuna Juan Mata have suffered a massive blow in the race for the title as they were beaten 7-2 by 2 Goals 1 Cup.

Sportin-a-beergut held onto a 3-2 win over Roseberry Rogue Rangers. Sportin have surpassed their expectations this season as they sit in fourth comfortably.