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  Week 2 of 10


Top Goalscorer - A Adcock - 10

Devils Rejects and Real Sosobad both have comfortable wins this week. Real lead the way on GD as they crush an out of sorts Ladzio side 16-1, Adcock was the main man with a huge eight! Devils complete an 8-0 rout of Athletico as S Bigwood claims four. D

ogs and Hambledon get off the mark for the campaign as nothing can separate them in a 1-1 stalemate.


Top Goalscorer - Bevan - 6

Blandford Rovers are the only team with a perfect 100% record. Are they the early season favourites? They see off Aston 8-2 to lead the way by three. All the other teams have at least one loss this season.

New Hope are second even though they go down 5-3 to Man Titty. Vista edge Unreal in a game of end to end action as they narrowly win 6-5.




All players must follow strict rules set out by Clayesmore School

If these rules and regulations are not followed the league will be cancelled.


Therefore Soccerpitch will be very strict on any players breaking the following rules and regulations:

For first time offences the player in question will be given a £10 fine (given to charity).


If the same player commits any future offence they will be banned from participating for ONE YEAR


·         All players must give their full name and car registration number to a member of Soccerpitch staff. Soccerpitch will then record this information and use for future reference if needed.

·         There is to be no speeding throughout the whole school site, no wheel spinning in the car park or playing of loud music. The strict speed limits must be followed throughout the whole school.

·         You must ensure your boots are clean before entering the pitch, please use boot cleaners provided. If you are found on the pitch with muddy boots you will be asked to leave the pitch immediately to clean them.

·         There shall be no abusive language directed at any fellow players, members of staff or to your own players. Shouting out of abusive words will not be tolerated (even if done in anger if missed a shot or misplaced a pass). Referees have been briefed to issue blue cards immediately if any of these infringements take place.

·         No smoking on the premises. If you wish to smoke please do so once you are off school property.

·         No jumping of the fence around the astro turf pitch.

·         No urinating in the field adjacent to the pitch. If you need to use the toilet please use the leisure centre. Speak with a member of staff for more info.

·        There is a new girls boarding house near to the pitch. There is to be no comments made to any pupil at anytime.

·         No chewing Gum allowed in the facility