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All results are published in local newspapers. Look out for them every week.

Winners photos are published at the end of each season.


46 MINUTE GAMES @ £31  


All teams will play each other once = SEVEN games in a season

 At the end of the seven games the division will be split in to two new divisions, with the points totals carried over.

The top division will consist of teams 1 - 4 and the bottom division will consist of teams 5 - 8.

 Teams 1 - 4 will then play each other once = 3 games.

Teams 5 - 8 will then play each other once = 3 games.

 At the end of the two campaigns, all teams will have played TEN GAMES

 The WINNERS and RUNNERS-UP of the top half division are then the Champions and Runners-up




  • The area around each goal (penalty area) is in bounds for all players.

  • The ball is ALLOWED to go over HEAD HEIGHT (six foot)




-         Goalkeepers cannot throw or kick the ball over head height (six feet) at ANY TIME. When a GK makes a save the ball is allowed to go over head height.

-        Goalkeepers must not roll the ball out from a goal kick; they must kick the ball from a stationery position (same as 11-a-side).

-        If the above rules are broken by the goalkeeper, an indirect free kick is awarded against the goalkeeper. The indirect free kick will be taken three yards outside of the penalty area; defenders must stand on the penalty area and no closer to the ball.


-         Kick ins (replace throw ins) are not permitted to go over head height (six feet) at ANY TIME If this rule is broken, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposition. The indirect free kick will be taken from where the kick in occured; opponents must stand three yards away from the ball.


  • Slide tackles are not allowed. If this offence occurs, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team from where the offence took place.

  • There are no offsides.

  • Back passes (GK using hands) to the goalkeeper are forbidden.

    The goalkeeper can go out of the area as long as they are dribbling with the ball at their feet (same as 11-a-side).

  • All players must be Sixteen or over and male.

  • Players are not allowed to play for two teams on the same match night. Please see rules on this.



  • A sin bin system of 3 minutes is in use for infringements which don’t require a punishment of a yellow or red card, but which the referee deems worthy of being punished in a lesser way. Players sin binned are not allowed to participate for the duration of 3 minutes. Sin binned players are not allowed to be replaced by substitutes.


Week 4 of 10


Top Goalscorer - R Underwood, M Reaney - 11

Westbury Elite are de-throned by a ruthless Hunters side as they crush them 13-5 to be our new pacesetters. Pollard and Reaney bagged four each. Tekkers are second on GD as they routinely see off Paris 7-1 as Underwood hits four to move to joint top scorer.

Allsorts climb into the top half with a 10-0 rout of Green Team, Hillman was the main man with four. Kings narrowly beat Hashtag in a nail biting 4-3 win!


Top Goalscorer - B Edwards - 11

It is Lads time to sit top of the tree as they beat Giroud in a close 4-3 victory. Previous leaders Six Shooters drop to fourth in this tight division. They go down 7-6 to Joey in an enthralling contest, the victors are now third.

Roma smash an out of sorts Fake 10-1 to sit second and they have the healthiest GD total which could be very important. Gylfi complete the evening with a comfortable 4-0 reverse of JDL.