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Blandford MONDAY - League Rules

Blandford Match Rules


Number of Players


·         This league is a five-a-side league. Each team are allowed to field a maximum of five players on the pitch.

·         There are no limits on the amount of rolling substitutes a team can use.

·         If a player/s is disciplined (blue or red card), they are not allowed to be substituted. The team must compete on the field without that player/s.

·         Substitutes are roll on, roll off. A team can make as many substitutions as they like throughout the game.

·         Substitutes must only come on in a break of play. They must only enter the field of play from behind their defending goal. They can only enter the playing area once the player they are replacing has left the field of play.


Overhead Height Rule


·         The Overhead height rule is enforced in this league.

·         Overhead height is measured at a specific six foot.

·         The ball is not allowed to go above this height, otherwise an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposition.

·         The player who touches the ball last before the ball goes overhead height, is penalised.

·         If the referee is unsure of whom it touched last, a drop ball is awarded between the two players who were involved. The ball must bounce once before being in play.

·         If the ball goes overhead height inside the penalty area, the indirect free kick is moved three yards outside the area in line with where the decision was awarded. The defending team can then position themselves on the edge of the penalty area.

·         Legitimate saves by the goalkeeper are exempt from the overhead height rule.

·         If the goalkeeper clears the ball and the ball goes overhead height and it is deemed by the referee to not be a shot on target, the goalkeeper is penalised.

·         Advantages are not given if the ball does go over head height.

·         If the ball strikes the framework of the goal and goes overhead height, play will continue as normal.


Stoppages and the Pitch


·         Penalty areas are in bounds at all times for all players.

·         When the ball goes out of play via the side lines, kick ins are taken instead of throw ins. Opposing players must be a minimum of three yards away from the ball. Kick ins must not go overhead height.

·         When a team has a corner, the opposing players must stand a minimum of three yards away from the ball. Corners are not allowed to go overhead height.

·         There is no offside.

·         Kick offs can go backwards. Players are allowed to shoot from kick offs.

·         Goal kicks have to be kicked out, not rolled or thrown out and must not go overhead height.

·         Any player on the field can take goal kicks.


Free Kicks and Penalty Kicks


·         For both direct and indirect free kicks, the opposition must stand a minimum of three yards away from the ball.

·         Indirect free kicks are issued for when the ball goes overhead height.

·         Slide tackles are not permitted but sliding blocks are allowed.

·         Offenders of successful (cleanly winning the ball) slide tackles are penalised by an indirect free kick being awarded to the opposition. If the referee feels it is a block (blocker is five or more yards away) instead of a tackle, they can allow play to continue at their discretion.

·         Offenders of unsuccessful (not cleanly winning the ball) are penalised in the normal way and a direct free kick is awarded.

·         Penalty takers are only allowed to take one step before striking the ball.


Other Important Information


·         Back passes to the goalkeeper, as per eleven-a-side, are not permitted. The goalkeeper must not use his hands to pick up a back pass from a teammate.




·         A sin bin system of 3 minutes is in use for infringements which don’t require a punishment of a yellow or red card, but which the referee deems worthy of being punished in a lesser way.

·         Red cards administered in small-sided football are the sole responsibility of SOCCERPITCH to deal with.

·         There are no yellow cards.





·         As per FA requirements, all players must be a minimum age of 16 years.

·         As per FA requirements, all players must be male.

·         Players are not allowed to play for two different teams on the same night (See additional rules).