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Using Other Players

Shortage of Players

It is recognised that at times, teams may be short of players on a night. In the event of such difficulties the rules below shall be followed.



  • If a team is short of players they may use either ballboys (if willing to play and if their duties allow). They may also use unregistered players (goals won't be credited to the scorers charts). They can also use players from other teams (it does not matter the division or league that player is from).
  • They can only use players from other teams providing the team which is short, declare them to the Referee or Organiser. The Referee or Organiser will then ask the other team before the match for their permission and that the other team is in agreement for that player/s to play. Please ensure you view the Referee or Organiser asking the other team to ensure there is no problems. 
  • The opposition need give no reason for objecting to any player taking the field against them who is borrowed from another team. They can insist their opposition play short if need be. It is hoped in the spirit of Soccerpitch teams will allow these late additions providing they do not feel they are being overly abused. It may be themselves running short the next week.
  • If the opposition rejects the borrowing of players, the team who is short must play with the numbers they have.
  • No objection can be made by a team after agreeing to this replacement player, such as a) where he plays or b) the score after the game and c) can not object to his presence after the game has started.
  • Any Team who after a match has been found to have played a player from another team without following the above rules runs the risk of losing the match 5-0.



Players can only be borrowed from other teams if they are short of the full quota of starting players. Players cannot be borrowed for that team to then have enough players to have substitutes.