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Strict rule in force for money owed by teams

In order to maintain correct payments and to ensure teams don't fall behind too far in weekly match payments, Soccerpitch have the following rule in force:

Soccerpitch will contact the team manager prior to their game to confirm:

The minimum amount that will need to be paid on the match night BEFORE their game, paid to to the match night organiser.

If the confirmed minimum amount is not paid, a friendly will be played with the opposition team guaranteed a win. Whatever the total number of goals the opposition scores is what they will win by. Eg, the game finishes 5-5, the opposition will win 5-0.

Soccerpitch do not want to use this rule very often as we appreciate at times players forget to bring their money, but this new rule will be enforced for teams who persistently pay below the required amount each week and who allow the amount owed to build up.

Any queries on this please don't hesitate to Contact Us