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Registering Players - All Information needed

Advice for both managers and for players

To add extra players to your registered team list you must register them by - please select only one method:

  • Select Team Registration tab (left hand side menu) click the link (click here - Player Registration) to Register or De-register individual players
  • Text or call Soccerpitch on 07787 714186
  • Inform the match day Organiser on the match night PRIOR to your game

To view all registered players for teams...........

  • Simply select a league from the drop down menu
  • Select Top Scorers & Players Registered tab above the league table
  • Select the team from the left hand menu of teams
  • View registered players
  • Click next at the bottom of the page to toggle through all players

If players are unregistered they will not show up on the team list and will not be credited with any goals in the top scorers chart. Only registered players will be credited with goals.

If a player's name is not on the list, they are not registered and will not be credited with their goals.

If there is more that one player in a team with the same surname make sure the referee is informed of that fact and the referee RECORD'S the initial of the first name of the scorer. If the initial is not given, goals will not be credited.

Soccerpitch will not inform you that goals are not credited to players, it is the manager's responsibility to make sure the list is up to date at all times.

If mistakes are made please e-mail as soon as possible after the website has been updated to rectify them quickly.