• Free Kit for all Teams!
  • Come and play on the brand new 3G Pitch at Selwood Academy!
  • Adult League (16+)
  • End of season Trophies for Winners, Runners-up and Top Scorers.
  • We provide all equipment, you just turn up and play!
  • Kick offs are: 8pm, 840pm and 920pm – we cater for kick off time requests.
  • Read the world famous SoccerPitch Match Reports every week! The site will be updated with all the results, scorers and latest league Table by midday every Friday.
  • No Registration fee required.
  • Seasons last for 10 weeks, we keep them short to ensure your team is always in the correct division and doesn’t become bored.


  • Each team is committed to playing for a season at a time. If a team pulls out before the end of a season they are liable to pay for all of theirs and their opponents remaining match fees – Please see SoccerPitch’s Terms and Conditions.
  • There are no breaks between seasons; a new season starts the week after the conclusion of the old season.
  • The league runs all year round with a two week break over the Christmas period. The league runs for approximately 49 out of 52 weeks per calendar year


  • League Statistics and Match Reports are updated every Friday by midday with the latest tables, results and top scorers.

To view the tables, results, fixtures and top scorers select Frome Thursday from the Leagues menu. Will your name be mentioned in the world famous SoccerPitch Match Reports?

To view upcoming fixtures select “Match Schedule” or the week number above the league table. Alternatively, click on your team name from the fixture list (not the table).

To view all your registered players and their goals tally select “TOP SCORERS + SQUAD LIST” above the league table. If a player’s name is not there, then they are not registered and their goals will not be credited on the scorers chart. They are still eligible to play. To register players select Register Players link from the menu.

Scroll down for info on using unregistered players and player shortages on match day.


To ensure all payments are made and all matches can go ahead on time without any delay, team managers must collect all fees from their players and pay the organiser in one whole sum prior to kick off. The organiser will then issue the paying team with an orange payment card. The referee will only allow the match to kick off once both teams have handed in their orange payment cards.

If the referee is ready to start the game and one team has paid all their fees but their opponents haven’t, the team who hasn’t paid will automatically go one goal down. The referee will then start his watch.

If payment hasn’t been received by three minutes into the game, the opposition will be given a 5-0 head start. This punishment is severe so please ensure we don’t have to use it. If the following week the money owed has not been paid then a £5 charge will be added and the same payment rules will apply.

Soccerpitch will have no hesitation in removing a team and replacing them with immediate effect if payments are not kept up to date.


  • The ball is allowed over head height (six foot)
  • Kick ins replace throw ins – they must not go over head height (six foot)
  • Players must stand at least three yards from the ball for all free kicks, corners, kick-offs, kick ins and penalties – for penalties only the goalkeeper and penalty taker can be inside the penalty area
  • Slide tackles are not permitted but sliding blocks are allowed – SoccerPitch can accept no liability from injuries sustained from legal or illegal sliding
  • Shinpads must be worn by all players at all times – if you don’t wear them, you can’t play
  • Each team are allowed to field a maximum of six players on the pitch
  • Penalty areas are in bounds for all players except for penalty kicks – The goalkeeper may leave the area as long as he does not use his hands
  • All distribution by the goalkeeper must be under head height (six foot). This includes passes, kicks and throws. An indirect free kick is awarded against the GK if this rule is broken. The indirect free kick is taken from three yards outside the penalty area and in line with where the infringement took place.
  • There is no offside rule
  • The back pass rule applies – the goalkeeper may not use his hands when the ball is passed to him by a team mate
  • Incorrect verbal calls such as “mine” or “leave it” will result in an indirect free kick
  • You may score directly from kick off


  • Only MOULDED BOOTS are allowed to be worn. They must have plastic tipped studs. Blades are not allowed.
  • All other footwear including metal studs, blades (metal or plastic), trainers or astro turf trainers are not permitted
  • Any player wearing the incorrect footwear will not be allowed onto the pitch and must stay outside the enclosure


  • There are no limits on the amount of substitutes a team can use
  • Substitutes are roll on, roll off
  • Substitutes must only come on in a break of play
  • They can only enter the field of play from behind their defending goal
  • They can only enter the playing area once the player they are replacing has left the field of play


  • Free kicks are awarded at the referees discretion
  • Slide tackles are not permitted but sliding blocks are allowed – SoccerPitch can accept no liability from injuries sustained from legal or illegal sliding
  • Offenders of successful (cleanly winning the ball) slide tackles are penalised by an indirect free kick being awarded to the opposition – If the referee feels it is a block (blocker is five or more yards away) instead of a tackle, they can allow play to continue at their discretion
  • Offenders of unsuccessful (not cleanly winning the ball) are penalised in the same way as any foul tackle and a direct free kick is awarded – the referee may play advantage at their discretion and return to discipline the player after the next stoppage if required
  • Players must stand at least three yards from the ball for all free kicks, corners, kick-offs, kick ins and penalties – for penalties only the goalkeeper and penalty taker can be inside the penalty area
  • Penalty takers are only allowed to take one step before striking the ball


It is recognised that at times, teams may be short of players on a night. In the event of such difficulties the rules below shall be followed.

  • Players can only be borrowed from other teams to make up the team to a maximum of six players – Players cannot be borrowed for that team to then have enough players to have substitutes
  • If a team is short of players they may use either:
  1. Ballboys – if willing to play and if their duties allow – undue pressure cannot be put on ballboys to play
  2. Unregistered players – goals won’t be credited to the scorers charts
  3. Players from other teams – it does not matter the division or league that player is from
  • Players joining a team due to shortage must be declared to the referee and agreed by the opposition – Please ensure you view the Referee or Organiser asking the other team to ensure there is no problems
  • The opposition need give no reason for objecting to any player taking the field against them who is borrowed from another team – They can insist their opposition play short if need be – It is hoped in the spirit of Soccerpitch teams will allow these late additions providing they do not feel they are being overly abused – It may be themselves running short the next week
  • No objection can be made by a team after agreeing to this replacement player, such as a) where he plays or b) the score after the game and c) can not object to his presence after the game has started
  • Any team who after a match has been found to have played a player from another team without following the above rules runs the risk of losing the match 5-0


  1. Soccerpitch will try to assist teams in cases of extreme difficulty when at least three days notice is given of problems in making a match commitment.
  2. If a team cancel their match they will lose 5-0 and be charged the following:
  • Less than 24 hours notice of kick off – full match fee plus the match fee of the opposing team will be charged.
  • More than 24 hours notice of kick off – full match fee will be charged.

If a team does not notify Soccerpitch by 5pm on the day of their game or does not turn up at the venue on the night and makes no contact at all, Soccerpitch can and will try to arrange a friendly to fulfil the fixture. Soccerpitch also reserve the right to pair two teams, whose fixtures have been cancelled due to non show of the opposition, in a friendly match. Please note Soccerpitch can replace any non-showing team with a replacement team at any time. £5 is discounted off a team’s match fees for a friendly game.

In all friendly matches, the team who cancelled will lose the match by however many goals their opposition scores in the friendly. Eg, a friendly game finishes 10-10 between the original opponents and a fill in team, the original opponents win 10-0. N.B.The maximum a team will ever be allowed to win by in any friendly is 10-0 and the first 10 scoring players will be credited with their goals. If the attending team fails to score in a friendly they will still win the match 5-0 This is all done to ensure those teams in the league are not overly affected by any teams non appearance.


  • There are no yellow cards, a blue card sin bin system is followed instead
  • A blue card is shown for minor infringements that warrant more than a free kick
  • A player shown a blue card must leave the pitch for 3 minutes, which will be timed by the referee – the player may only return to the pitch with permission from the referee
  • Any player going off for a blue card cannot be replaced by a substitute – the team MUST play with one less player for the duration of the blue card time
  • A player receiving a second blue card in a single match will be shown a red card and will receive a one week ban
  • Red cards are the responsibility of SoccerPitch and not the FA – Suspensions are considered on a case by case basis and range from one week to life time bans
  • A player receiving a red card cannot be replaced by a substitute – the team MUST play with one less player for the remainder of the game


  • As per FA requirements, all players must be a minimum age of 16 years
  • As per FA requirements, all players must be male
  • Players are not allowed to play for two different teams on the same night